Post frame structures

Economical & Long-Lasting Buildings

Post-frame construction is a leading style that allows for economical and long-lasting buildings. It offers flexibility in design, which means it can be used as many different things – one building could have multiple uses! Post-frame construction is a method of building that uses large posts and roof trusses to create a structurally sound building with wide, open interior spaces. With post-frame, there is typically a lower foundation cost. Labour and materials will also cost less.

A variety of door styles such as sliding or bifold doors can be used for these buildings.  For more information on door options visit Diamond Doors.

Wind Resistant

Post-frame buildings are exceptionally strong due to their construction method and steel panel roofs and siding that most post-frame buildings use. It makes use of a unique combination of sturdy posts and heavy-duty roof trusses, which are directly connected.

Post Frame Building

Benefits of Post Frame Structures



strong structure

Building Strength and Durability

no foundation needed

No Foundation Requirement


High-Quality Insulation


Design Flexibility

speed of construction

Speed of Installation

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