String of pearls Heart-shaped leaves are covered with silvery down, as are the stems. Considering that dichondra develops slowly, growing from seeds will take a long period: just by the time dichondra needs to be planted in open ground, it … Please note that product content will vary due to seasonal availability. Family Convolvulaceae . A silver leaved plant used for ground cover or hanging baskets. The real beauty of growing a Silver Falls plant indoors is getting masses of trailing, silvery foliage, so find a place in your home that will let it shine. Dichondra Silver grows best outdoors in full sun but will work indoors in a nice sunny spot. Size Options . Genus Dichondra are a genus of low-growing, herbaceous perennial plants with creeping stems and white, yellowish or greenish flowers. Dichondra Silver Falls The trailing plant has beautiful and attractive silver foliage that grows well in full sun, partial shade or complete shade. Can also be used as a small-scale ground cover. Grows 23 inches high and spreads 46 feet wide. $79.00 . Plants; Dichondra ‘Silver Falls’ About the Dichondra ‘Silver Falls’ Delicate, fuzzy, silver heart-shaped foliage vine that is heat loving and drought tolerant, excellent "spiller" in containers and hanging baskets. Dichondra Silver Falls have lovely, small rounded leaves, resembling miniature water lily. A basket hanging from the ceiling or a pot that sits on a tall table are good options for enjoying the trailing vines of your Silver Falls houseplant. Native to Eastern Asia, Dichondra, a lowly genus of nine species in the Morning Glory family, has creeping stems covered by small heart- or kidney-shaped leaves. Proven Winners - Proven Accents® Silver Falls™ - Dichondra argentea plant details, information and resources. Synonyms Dichondra micrantha 'Silver Falls' . The Dichondra Silver Falls is a delicate cascading accent plant. It’s the type of plant that will create a soft feel, they also complement bold and colourful plants. ... All prices in New Zealand Dollars. Eye-catching, shimmering container plant; cascades over the edge of pots or window boxes. . Also known as ‘Silver Falls’ this trailing plant can be used as a ground cover but looks best cascading from a hanging basket. Unique. 4. Enjoys sun and drought. Other common names silver nickel vine 'Silver Falls' . In shady areas, the plant may grow to a height of 10-15 cm. One Size . A vigorous cascading grower that performs best in a full sun position. Plants within the genus have a trailing habit, or are used for ground Find 2.4L Dichondra Silver Falls - Dichondra argentea at Bunnings Warehouse. Easy to grow from seed. Planting them at a distance of 25 to 30 cm allows forming an easy groundcover. Growing "Silver Falls" from the seeds is easy, but it will take a lot of time. It is very drought tolerant and recovers quickly if wilting occurs. Dichondra silver. Sow seeds can begin in late January - early February . It can trail six feet or more in a season! Combines well in … An astonishing vertical cascade of silver stems stream over the edge of baskets to a length of 2–4ft, sometimes more, or soaks the soil in silver when planted as summer ground cover on slopes. 3. Will cascade down over 1M This low-growing foliage plant spreads by rooting surface runners. Visit your local store for the widest range of garden products. An easy care, fast growing Silver falls plant in a cool silver hanging pot. It works beautifully as a ground cover or in a hanging basket.