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Integrity Builders Ltd. is an authorized FastCover Structures dealer. Formerly Hi-Qual, these fabric covered, steel-framed buildings are great for storage, workshops or even for livestock shelters. These buildings have been engineer stamped and are designed to last through North American wind, rain and even snow loads. There is no size too small nor too big as they come anywhere from 24’ wide to 86’ wide and with a 15 year prorated warranty on the fabric and steel, you can’t go wrong. Also, many options are available for overhead or man doors and windows, on either or both ends of the building. We also offer delivery and installation options, with a fairly simple set-up process and years of experience we can have your building where you want it and fully functional before you know it. Give us a call if you have any questions and we look forward to working with you.

Fastcover, formerly HiQual, started operations in 1978 in a small Winnipeg shop focusing on the manufacturing of livestock handling equipment. By working together closely with our dealers and customers, the product line has been constantly expanded and updated to include numerous patented items that have been highly sought after. Over time we expanded our product line to include Fabric Covered Steel Frame Buildings and have become a leader in this product line. Our goal continues to be to provide greater value with new products that better meet the needs of our customers, while maintaining a level of quality that is unsurpassed in the industry. CWB certified welding staff ensures that each weld and truss are manufactured to the highest standards. As of 2012, we have also become A660 certified for our building line. This will help to conform to new regulations being put in place and also give us more diversity for our target market. With the expansion of our Winnipeg based production facility, FastCover once again has shown our commitment to quality, innovation, safety, value and customer service in everything we do! To find out more about FastCover and to find the dealer closest to you, please visit our website.

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are the benchmarks that have made FastCover a recognized industry leader. Fastcover's goal over the last 35 years and into the future is to provide greater value to our customers with innovative problem solving products which better meet the needs of the ever-changing marketplace.

Membrane fabric over steel truss buildings are the leaders in growth and popularity over the last 15 years – and we are leading the way in construction techniques and designs that our customers are demanding.

Fastcover buildings are designed with the latest modern technology that are available to maximize the strength and durability of a balanced framework. The research and development team apply standard techniques to bring our buildings to a physical failure point to ensure their performance in the field. We use independent engineering firms to assist and qualify designs and performance during these tests.



FastCover Packages come standard with fabric roll up doors. We have also configured our buildings to conform to any other door option. At our factory, we have most of the door options on the 6 Buildings we have erected to show the versatility of our fabric covered buildings. Our buildings can also be custom retrofitted to accept virtually any type of door or side entry doors.


Any after-market vents can be installed virtually anywhere in the building to increase ventilation. Your sales representative will be able to assist you with any venting requests.


Our 12 ounce 23 mil NovaShield II membrane fabrics with Armorkote are prime materials especially formulated for our building designs, ensuring many years of trouble free performance. A fire retardant membrane is also available for special applications.


There are various foundation options for both our FastCover and Welded Truss lines, including ground, post, wall, blocks, screw anchors, and concrete footings.


All FastCover products are finished with our distinctive FastCover Brown Powder Paint that is baked on. This finish and color have become well known in the industry for its long lasting quality, which provides a glass-like, nonabrasive, smooth finish to prevent any premature wear in the fabric cover. FastCover has partnered with one of the leading paint suppliers in the industry to develop and continually refine the FastCover Brown Powder Paint and its application process which includes baking the powder onto the steel, giving a longer life to the paint process.

By starting with selecting only quality, structural steel, coupled with a multi-state wash and cleaning system – we ensure that the surface is ready to accept the FastCover Powder Paint. The products are all baked up to 450 degrees, resulting in an extremely durable corrosion resistant and abrasion resistant finish that will stand the test of time in the field. As of 2012 we have also formulated an Apoxy coating which will give a longer life to the steel in high corrosion facilities. This process has been tested to last longer in high corrosion buildings then any galvanizing process.


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